Joining Method in Materials Joining

Posted: Agustus 7, 2011 in Solid-state Welding

Materials joining usually using one of three methods, listed here :

  1. Mechanical fastening
  2. Welding
  3. Adhesive Bonding

In welding methong there are three class of process that is :

2.1.  Fusion Welding

2.2. Solid State Welsing

2.3. Brazing and Soldering

Materials Joining Method
Materials Joining Method AWS A3.0



2. Solid State Welding

In solid-state welding two materials (metals) are welded without fusion, i.e. without a mixture. Solid state welding has therefore one advantage compared to fusion welding : some combination of metals like (Fe+Al) can be welded, which are not weldable by fusion welding due to the formation of brittle alloys.

In other case, sometimes we need to modelling steel structure or weldment to give us an explanation about it we can refer to weldments design


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