Effect of Fuel Additives on Car Performance

Posted: Desember 19, 2008 in fuel additives

Nowadays some fuel additives were introduced, each manufacturer said that the’re the best. But the question is how far the effect of this additives to the car’s performance?. To answer this question, I’d tried an additive, by using this additive plus premium gasoline, knocking effect was decreased significantly. Also the engine vibration, sound to be silent. Event this need to be improved using more meaning full of report. Fuel additives are widely known as products helping you to get more mileage out of your car. But what do we really know about them? Are they really such useful products? how do they influence on the environment?

Intention of the additives usage is to increase car performance or sometimes the fuel consumption, they accelerate combustion process, which can give the car more power and smoother performance. At the same time as any fuel they play importan role for the environment friendliness. In general speaking or words some manufacturers of these products claim the following characteristics of the additives:

1. Decreasing of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emission.

2. Reducing engine knocking.

3. Improving stability of fuel

4. Increasing mileage foe 8-12 percent.

Depend on the each case of the car, there are reasons for using fuel additives. If the car did not maintained properly in the past or bought a used car with unknown state of the engine then the suggested to use additives until good state of the vehicle could be achieved. Let’s assumed that the car have been using gas of a grade lower than recommended or specification and made up your mind to shift to a higher grade. In this case you may use an additive until the lower-grade gas is consumed. Another case is : if the water has got into your tank use absorbing additive. Of course using additives is also recommended after some accumulated sludge from the car need to be elliminated which could be happened after never use for several months.


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